Transparency Tutorial

File Preparation for T-Shirt & Tote Bag

As our DTG printers for T-Shirts and Tote Bags do print white ink, prepare your files with transparency and save as PNG format in order for the white colour not to appear. If you wish for white to appear, leave the white as it is. Our T-shirt comes in different colours, hence we advise you to take out the background, regardless of it being white, black or gradient.
General Rule: Avoid boxed design by making background transparent.

Submission dimensions
Regular Tote Bag H: 3900 x W: 3300 px PNG / JPG
T-Shirt H: 4500 x W: 3300 px PNG / JPG
How do I make my artwork fit a T-Shirt or Regular Tote Bag?
  • Redo certain parts of your artwork for it to fit a T-Shirt (removing box design)
  • Remove background by using 'Magic Wand' tool with various tolerances
  • Using slider in "Blending Options" (Only work for Black / White)
  1. Right click the layer you want to add transparency to, pick the "Blending Options..." (If unable to pick 'Blending options' ensure that the layer is unlocked)
  2. Locate the scale under the "This layer:" that is under the "Blend if" box
  3. Press and hold the alt key while dragging on the white knob, the further you drag it to the left the more transparency is added based on the whiteness of the layer. See the image of how the two white knobs are separated.
  • Send your designs over to design(at) and we will help you out!