Submission Info


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    Regular Tote Bag H: 3900 W: 3300 px PNG / JPG
    Transparency looks visually better. Click here for more information on transparency for Tote Bags.
    T-Shirt H: 4500 W: 3300 px PNG / JPG
    Transparency looks visually better. Click here for more information on transparency for T-shirts.
    Cushion 3500 x 3500 px
    1200 x 1800 px
    Accepts both landscape and portrait.
    Framed Prints / Art Print

    A4: 1890 x 2917 px

    A3: 2917 x 4370 px

    Accepts both landscape and portrait. 2.5 cm white border will be added.
    Laptop Sleeves
    H: 2480 W: 3508 px JPG
    Phone Cases 1200 x 1800 px PNG All empty areas should be set as "Transparent" and these areas will not be printed. It works better for works that are of "Brush Calligraphy", or illustrations not designed to reach the edge of the artwork.

    *Do not increase the size by resampling, as it will reduce the quality of your work.

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    Color Management

    Our printers print in 6-12 colors, unlike commercial CMYK printers. Therefore, if your artwork is in RGB, stick to RGB. If it is in CMYK, you may change to RGB or keep with CMYK. Refrain from changing your artwork from RGB to CMYK as it reduces the colour quality.

    Embed Your Colour Profile

    If you want a specific colour profile, please embed this in your file. Otherwise the artwork will be printed as is. In Photoshop, you can embed a colour profile from the "Image" tab, and then "Convert To Profile." You will need to make the decision on which colour profile, sRGB or AdobeRGB (1998), is appropriate for your images. To keep the colors the same, be sure to convert to a profile that is the same as your working space - have the "Source Space" and "Destination Space" be the same. A colour profile is a set of instructions that is embedded or assigned to your image that tells our monitors how to display the colours accurately. Most images that come from a digital camera (and sometimes scanners) already contain an embedded ICC profile. Otherwise, you will want to embed a profile into your images using your photo editing software, prior to sending us your files.