When will my credit card be charged?

Your credit card will be charged as soon as your order is accepted and processed.

What forms of payment do you accept?

All payment will be made through Paypal.

You do not need to be registered PayPal account holder to pay for your orders. Simply key in your particulars and credit card details to make a purchase. Paypal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Discover, and Diners Club credit cards or debit cards.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept checks or money orders.

What can I do if my payment is declined?

Uh-oh! Here are a few things to check if your payment didn't go through:

  • Check that your card's billing details (like the security code and billing address) match what you've entered at checkout.
  • Has your card expired?
  • Your card issuer may have declined your payment. They do not, however, tell us the reason for this, so it's best to check with them before trying your card again.

If none of these apply, please contact us at, and we'd be happy to help!

What about taxes?

Custom taxes might be incurred and billed to you upon delivery, depending on your order amount and delivery country. Please check your local custom's rules and regulations for more information.