Artists FAQ

Dear valued artists, here are some answers to some frequently asked questions! Hope it helps! 

How do I know if my artworks are up?
  • All artworks are automatically uploaded once you have submitted. Give the website a buffer of 1-2 hours and you should see your new works/products available for sale at the “Fresh” tab of our website, and your own artist website.
What is my personal artist website?
  • All artists have their own personal web link. -[USERNAME] 
  • If you have a space in between your username, it will be replaced by a full-stop (.)
Can I change my artist name or have different symbols on it?
  • No, artist name are fixed and symbols are not allowed as it will clash with the programming of the personal weblink.
What should I do if I have forgotten my password?
  • Please use the “Forgotten Password” function and follow the instructions accordingly.
What happens when I delete my account?
  • Deletion of artist account will take place immediately and all artworks under the account will be removed. 
Can I remove or edit certain artworks?
  • At the moment, you cannot do it on your own. Please contact artists(at) with your concerns instead.

What kind of artworks can I submit?

  • Visualtroop takes in digital artworks ranging from illustrations, typography, calligraphy, graphic design and photography! There are definitely more not listed! 

Can I stretch to upsize my work?

  • Please refrain from stretching up your work to fit our dimensions. That will affect the print quality during production. If your artwork is drawn, you could scan them at higher PPI and downsize them. If your works are digital, we would advise you to start with a bigger canvas in the future.
  • When you 'transform' to smaller sizes, please keep the aspect ratio locked. We will remove works that are stretched inappropriately. You can read about locking aspect ratio over here

Is there any curation involved or are all kinds artworks accepted?

  • Visualtroop accepts most artwork of different styles and genres, as long as it speaks about you and your personality. There is curation to ensure that the works are in line with Visualtroop's directions and the artworks are not offensive to any religion, organisation or individual or have any form of involvement in copyright infringements. As all the artworks are automatically up on site, it will be removed when scanned through.

I am not sure on how to digitalise my artworks? What should I do?

  • For artworks that are not digitalised, we recommend artists to scan a high resolution version of the artwork, clean them up and send them to us. Visualtroop will advise and guide you on should there be any problems. 
Why can’t I upload my artwork onto Black or Grey T-shirts?
  • Only .PNG files are accepted for this product to avoid any empty white spaces. If you uploaded a .JPEG file for this product, the options for Black and Grey T-shirts will be automatically turned off. 
How do I check my sales for the month?
  • At the moment, our website is still undergoing upgrades to add in certain functions. Should you have any sales made, they will be a payment into your PayPal account.

 Must I create a Paypal account?

  • We are transferring via Paypal at the moment. Creating a Paypal account is free. 

Am I allowed to take Visualtroop's images to publicise and promote to my friends?

  • Yes feel free to do so! Just credit Visualtroop will do!
Who do I contact for further queries?
  • Email your queries to artists(at) and we can assist you from there!