About Us

A store for people who want beauty in their everyday life.

We are a lifestyle platform (no, not just a website, really), transforming beautiful, desirable, modern artworks from artists around the globe into everyday consumables. It's very much like the story of Cinderella, and we're the fairy godmother. 

Our growing platform provides a way for artists to integrate their work into the everyday lives of people, be it through a phone case that never stops hugging your best friend, that iPhone 7 of yours; or a carry-everywhere tote that somehow fits your entire room into it -- we're the spot for products that aren't regular or blah looking, and that'll make a statement all the time. 

A word of advice though - we take our product quality really seriously, because we know it sucks to purchase something that doesn't last, or worst, falls apart after a day. That said, we take the same approach when it comes to designs on the site - we curate, edit and ensure that they're products that Team VT would want to own and pay for. We're also here to make life just that much more fun for you, we promise.

We're also here to make life just that much more fun for you, we promise.


Are you an artist?


If you are, we're always on the lookout for new artists - create an account with us, and upload your artwork. We also have a range of artist support programs, including market research, sessions with artists to improve their go-to-market designs, as well as ways to achieve 100% on-site display of their works.