Visualtrooper - Jo Enver

Jo Enver, a graduate from NTU’s school of Arts, Design and Media, majoring in Digital Animation has always been a dreamer. She sees the world in a different light and is always finding things to create to make the world smile. She loves cartoons especially the animated series, Adventure time. Besides illustrating, Jo Enver enjoys animating. Her Animated short film, Fly With Me, won Best Animation in Singapore's 5th Short Films Award this year. Her film has been screened in New York for a Animation for Kids Festival. Fly with Me is currently screening in the National Museum of Singapore, in the Children's Wing. 

She currently works as a graphic designer, animator and mainly, a comic book artist for an oil and gas company (Marketing and Advertising) During her free time, Jo Enver can be seen playing video games, or playing with her Legos. 

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