Artist feature: Weiying Y.

Presenting Weiying Y, an avid lover of colours and brush calligraphy - Check out her interview feature to know more about this artist, and indulge in the array of colours she used in her work.  

VT: How long have you been with Visualtroop, where are you from and why did you decide to join us?

WY: I am from Singapore and have been with Visualtroops for about three months. I wanted to see my designs come alive. 

VT: What is your background; are you a self taught brush-calligrapher? 

WY: I have always enjoyed art from an early age. The love of art has stayed with me and developed and grown. I enjoy exploring all forms of art after office hours.

Behind The Scenes of Weiying's workspace
Image Credit to Weiying Y. 

VT: What sparked your interest to pick up brush calligraphy? 

WY: i loved how the combination of watercolor and brush calligraphy make the entire piece as a whole come together and come alive.

VT: Your works are mostly of inspirational quotes and of many colors! What/Where/Who you usually surround yourself with to continue being inspired? 

WY: I seek inspiration in music, film, art - and in watching other artists and other forms of art. I always feel there is so much to learn from them. 

Behind The Scenes of Weiying's workspace
Image Credit to Weiying Y. 

VT: Did anyone tell you that your work create a sense of happiness and joy within them? 

WY: Yes, i guess it is because most of my artwork are colorful, lively and positive :)

Weiying's work are available here, do show some support to this artist's work and love for happy colours & brush calligraphy!

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