Artist feature: Mars of Vankhmars

So, for this artist feature, we leaped over to Photography, and spoke to Mars who is an addict to symmetrical, lines-oriented and white shots. Read his feature to find out how he discovered photography and what he's been up to! 

Hi Mars, where are you from, and where are you based at currently? 
My name is Mars Qiu and am currently living in Vancouver as an international student. I'm going to take Photography in Emily Carr University after my graduation in June. I came from Guangzhou, which is located at the south of China.


What is your background; are you a self taught or trained photographer?
After I bought my first camera three years ago, I started to practice as much as I can. Though no one told me how to enhance my skills, learning others' photos is an useful way to improve faster. I realised that by observing how others take a picture, it will influence you a lot. 

Your photography work are often line-oriented and symmetrical. Do you have a particular interest in that?
Gradually, I found that I'm addicted to line-oriented, symmetrical and white shots. I guess it's connected to my understanding of beauty! Although to be honest, I prefer shooting nature or gallery in my daily life. 

It must be tough leaving home to live abroad. What was the huge factor in this life-changing decision?
It is always hard to say goodbye to your families and friends, especially giving up all you currently have, for a new start in a unfamiliar place. But I never regretted this decision.

Given a chance to relocate again, where will you go to next?
I'm indulged in chasing a sense of refresh feeling and I believe there are still some gorgeous places on Earth waiting for me to explore. Hopefully, I can head to Iceland and Norway in the near future, I really like their attractive and comfortable lifestyle. 

Is there a message you wish to convey to your audience through your work?
I guess, my lifestyle! I believe in a simplicity, being comfortable and clean is all we need in life!

What a refreshing and jovial interview feature! We wish Mars all the best on his upcoming adventure as he travelled out of his comfort zone to a brand new place. 

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