Artist feature: John Sastoque

Visualtroop speak to John Sastoque, a Visualtrooper of seven months till date. Read on further to find out on the inspirational characters whom he look up to and the reasons behind his usage of flat design and solid colors! 

VT: How long have you been with Visualtroop, and how did you find out about us?

John: It has been around 7 months since I was introduced to Visualtroop via an Instagram invitation. 


VT: What is your background; in terms of yourself, as well as your association with art?

John: I first studied graphic design at the Corporación Unificada Nacional, after that I went to the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano. But in a weird way, my work and characters, which I have been working on for the last few years, have provided me with the best experience and challenges. I am constantly learning from my work and I think that is one of my best sources of experience, learning from my craft. Thanks to that, my "alteregos de la imaginación" series is going to be showcased the 20th of August for the first time here in Bogotá, Colombia. My main objective with these series and most of my work is creating situations, that are open to interpretation. Anyone can put themselves into the story and come out with a different interpretation.

VT: Besides illustrations, is there other form of art you're interested in?

John: I also do bodypaint and I really like sculpting.

VT: We realised your work are mostly solid colours, is there a reason for that?

John: My intention in using solid colors is to create visual impact with simplicity. I enjoy experimenting with color theory and how individuals may react to it. I think it is also a great way to engage viewers and introduce them to my characters and their particular situations. I also work on some other characters with different techniques in color, but this has proven to be one of my stronger "alteregos de la imaginación" and my other series.

VT: Do you have any particular sources of inspiration?

John: I really find a lot of different inspiration from many areas, it could either be the internet, books for kids, my daughters, music or movies. But mainly music, specially Radiohead, Cage the elephant, Jack White, Fatboy Slim or Deftones. And graphic and visual inspirations, though they are many, I'd say El Bosco, Hsiao Ron Cheng, Tim Biskup, Man Ray and Mark Ryden among others!

VT: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given and what advice will you pass down to new aspiring artists?

John: The best advice I have received was to use references from previous centuries. They have helped me solidify a visual identity and explore ideas that have been kind of forgotten. And my best advice would be having discipline and love for everything you work on, those are fundamental things in your work.

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