Artist Feature: Ambieliu15


How would you describe and characterize your style?


My style is dominantly graphic design and typography. I started out with bubble lettering and creating drawings of my favourite lyrics and quotes. From there, I have been challenging myself to dive more into the more detailed side of typography, while still remaining true to my original love for lettering. Lately, I also love working with water-colour and creating landscape paintings and I plan to expand and challenge myself to other mediums and aspects of art. 


What is your dream project?


I would love to design products and merchandise for big influencers in today’s world. I would love to relate to an audience of people my age and to create designs for the people our generation look up to. It would be amazing not only because I would be able to work with such inspirational people, but because I also know that I would be creating my designs for people who really have the power to make a positive change.


Another far off, more impossible dream project of mine is to make a book. Just the thought of it excites and scares me at the same time. I would love to make a book about art, typography and my journey as an artist. There are things I wish someone would have told me when I started this journey, especially on the online world, and having the opportunity to put those words in a tangible form while spreading my love for art is something I dream of doing. 


How did your love for art & design came about?


It was a rainy summer afternoon when thirteen year old me picked up a pen and made my first lettering piece. It wasn’t the best and if I looked at it now, I would probably cringe. But I didn’t cringe that afternoon, I had sat there for hours trying to perfect each letter and when I was finished, I immediately moved on to a new lettering project. And when that was finished, I made another one, and then another one and so on. Now, 4 years later, there hasn’t been a day that has gone by where I haven’t somehow worked on my craft and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. 

Is there any quote or life philosophy you live by, or speaks to you deeply? How has that impacted your attitude towards life?


I think one piece of advice that has stuck with me and that I live by is that everything happens for a reason. That saying and mentality has helped me through hard times, even when I couldn’t see the reason behind happenings. It gives me a gateway to reflect and find the reason and deeper meaning behind these situations. Whenever something doesn’t go the way I want it to, instead of spending all my time wallowing in self pity and yelling about the unfairness of it all, having this philosophy in mind has helped me use my energy into improving the circumstances or working to make the end result better. 

What do you hope that those in the non-art & design scene would know?


That it is not as easy as it looks. Although art is unique to the artist, it is difficult to come with new concepts and ideas that set an artist apart from the rest. Art also takes time; some days I may get bursts of inspiration and other days I may have an ‘artist block’. There are so many variables that go into play when creating an art piece, for example one of them is finding the time. Having to balance my academics, my personal life as well as my art is not easy, and there are some days when I have to prioritize one aspect over the other, no matter how much I may not want to.


I also hope that my non-artist audience knows that as an amateur artist, I do really care about my audience and that most of the efforts of improving and experimenting with my craft is catered to satisfy my audience. So please understand if the work I create may not immediately be perfection or may take time to produce, it is because I am trying my best to find time as well as working all day and night in order to produce the best works possible. :)    

What are your current methods of promoting your works?


I build my platform on Instagram and I still continue to post most, if not all, of my works, such as my typography, my lyric art, my work in progresses and others, there. I’ve started to expand my reach to other social media outlets; here are the links:


YouTube channel (featuring speed drawings and tutorials) 

Facebook page

Tumblr Page


You can view Ambieliu15's works over at

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