Art Supplies Every Painter Must Have


Whether you’re a new or veteran painter, it’s important to realize that even if you have the greatest talent in the world, that talent can be left unseen if you don’t have the right type of art supplies.

The types of materials you will need depend firstly on the medium you enjoy or wish to pursue. The specifics will be different whether you paint with acrylics, oils, watercolors, etc., but in general, the type of supplies you will need are fairly similar.

Let’s move on to the art supplies every painter ought to own now.

Painting surface such as Canvas/Watercolor paper

As an painter, depending on what kind of painting you prefer or go for.. One of the first supplies you know you’ll need is either a canvas or watercolor paper. For canvas, you will most likely go for acrylic paint.


Any inexpensive plastic palette works well for both watercolors and acrylics. You can get these at any art store or even places like Art Friend, Popular or Straits Commercial for a few bucks depending on their size/type. They are both very easy to use and to wash!



There are at least three basic brushes you’ll want to have when you start painting with acrylics:

  • A filbert for general painting and smoothing out details (a size 6 works very well for medium size paintings)
  • A flat wash brush (1″) mostly for painting backgrounds
A small liner brush for fine details

For watercolor, you can use a refillable paint brush! This is a hot favourite. Simply add in the water and you can use it anytime, anywhere! You can conveniently get them at Art friend or Straits Commercial, the usual art supplies stores in Singapore.


Last but not least, PAINT! Of course, depending on whether the type of painting you are going for, there’s different paint to use. Generally, many people are worried about the limitation of color palette, which should not be the case! Just mix and match the colors and play around with them to get your ideal color!

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