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Visualtroop Is The Online Marketplace That Brings Your Art To Life — & Pays You For It

"I browsed through pages and pages of art prints on Visualtroop one night, as some Ira Glass podcast played in the background. At SGD 10.90 per print, these pieces of art were affordable, and definitely pleasing to the eye. Bookmarking a few in a folder called ‘To Buy When Pay Comes’, I continue through the site, a little crushed that I had exhausted every category available. My podcast ends, I click on ‘Notecards’ again — just to see the prints in card size. 

Visualtroop is a visual treat. Based in Singapore, it’s an online marketplace that brings artists’ works alive through everyday products. Artists submit, we market, manage, produce on demand, ship, and artists get commission, Jean Tan, the co-founder of Visualtroop says. In that way, artists deal with minimal hassle in selling their work on the range of products at Visualtroop, like tote bags, t-shirts, framed prints, and more. Besides accepting artwork, Visualtroop is also open to customisation for those who want something different....."

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