Why You Need Art

 You might have seen many articles like this. But here is Visualtroop's rendition!

So why do you need art?

1. Art brings you the inspiration you desire

Sometimes life is pretty mundane, especially when we deal with routines and bureaucracies. Regardless of office work or schoolwork, all of that can get you feeling really drained and fatigued. Display some artworks and designs around you to keep yourself motivated and inspired. Like music in a club, it keeps you dancing and moving to enjoy your moments.

2. Art brings you to unexpected places

We all desire for holidays, that little break that refuels your life. Constantly looking at calendars wondering when is your public holidays or looking at your friends’ vacation photos on Facebook / Instagram is not going to make you feel any better! We have a better solution - Stare long enough at those artworks and you will be transported to their magical world in no time!

3. Art is a form of expression. Each has a story you can relate to

Artworks convey messages that even we as individuals cannot express verbally at times. They voice out stories of the artists and are expressed in different individual styles, some of which you can definitely relate to. Relive the emotions of the artist through their works.

4. Art is full of surprises

Just admit it, everyone likes a little surprise once a while, be it from our loved ones, closed friends or even a total stranger. So why not surprise yourself everyday too? Let these Art bring you something unexpected every single day!

5. Art brings people closer

Finding an appreciator of similar Art taste is akin to finding a soul mate. Just ask Van Gogh about Paul Gauguin. It is time for you to find a companion for your next museum spree! 

6. Art improves creativity

Jim Rohn – “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with”

The same goes for your surroundings. Surround yourself with Art and you will gradually become a master of creativity in no time! Like Cubism? Surround yourself with Picasso and Georges Braque!


We might not have artworks of Picasso or Georges Braque, but we have a range of artworks with different styles, stories and personalities, only at Visualtroop!
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