Art Events In May - Singapore & USA!

This May, make sure to immerse yourself in art and culture. It doesn’t matter if you’re already a culture vulture, or someone who just wants a little art fix to add to your weekend, cause we’ve got a whole list of art events for you not just in Singapore but also in major cities in the USA!

Singapore Events

Nothing like home sweet home, right? Singapore may be small, but we’ve got our own version of art and culture happening right here.

Heritage Fest

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What has heritage got to do with art? Well, Heritage Fest 2016 is all about rediscovering Singapore’s local culture through our various art forms! Arts events don’t just have to be about posh art museum exhibitions, but also about reconnecting with your heritage through art. There are guided tours, films, and exhibitions all about Singaporean heritage and culture, so come down to Heritage Fest for a dose of art and culture.

Venue: Various locations around Singapore

From: 29 April to 15 May



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You love food. You love film. Why not combine them together? Food is a film festival which celebrates the art of food, through the art of film. Not only are there going to be film screenings, you also get to eat food that was inspired by the film. Now this is one art event that your tummy can’t miss!

Venue: Objectifs, 155 Middle Road

From: 29 April to 14 May


Keong Saik Carnival

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Street shopping? Check. Live music? Check. Art exhibits? Check. The first ever Keong Saik Carnival is an art event that’s not to be missed, with shops selling unique fashion labels and vinyl records will dot the street. Live acts by international DJs and musicians will also be featured, and there will also be an art exhibition within the carnival itself!

Venue: Keong Saik Street

Date: 28 May, 12pm to 10 30pm


Miami Events

Sunny days, warm beaches and arts galore! Miami has been a veritable enclave for the arts since Art Basel, an international art fair made it one of its partner cities. While Art Basel Miami may be in December, there’s still a whole load of other Miami art events for you to choose from!

Miami Museum Month

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May is a special time of the year for art aficionados in Miami, because it’s Miami Museum Month! For this entire month, all visitors to any of the many museums in Miami get a one-for-one ticket offer, making it all the more easier to museum hop! Also, you get a free access to all of the participating museums as long as you’re a member of one of them. This month-long Miami art event is one that can’t be missed!

Venue: Museums in Miami (full list on website)

Duration: 1 May – 31 May


Free Art Friday

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Free art? Your ears are perking up already, I can tell. Imagine an Easter Egg hunt, except this time the prizes aren’t chocolate eggs, but art! Free Art Friday is an art event where artists hide their work all round Miami, and if you find a piece of art, you get to keep it! You’re also encouraged to take a picture of it and post it on social media, so the artists know who took their art. The Miami chapter of the Free Art Friday movement is definitely a Miami art event you should look out for!

Venue: Around Miami

Duration: Every Friday


NYC Events

Alicia Keys wasn’t kidding when she sang in her song “New York”, about how NYC was a place where you would be inspired and enthralled. A hotpot of culture, art and fashion, NYC art events are definitely something different.

Electric Daisy Carnival

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Touted as the Coachella of New York City, Electric Daisy Carnival isn’t simply a music festival, but it’s a place where art and technology combine together to produce something wondrous. Interactive art installations will dot the premises of this NYC art event, highlighting how nature and technology can be fused through art.

Venue: Citi Field

Duration: 14 May – 15 May


Frieze Art Fair

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If you’re looking for a NYC art event that’s a bit more conventional, head down to the Frieze Art Fair, where you can view works by more than a thousand artists, and also attend some talks and guided tours.

Venue: Randall’s Island Park  

Duration: 5 May – 8 May


Chicago Art Events

Chicago is a city with a rich artistic history, being known for its film, theatre and improv comedy! This thriving artistic haven is one filled with many hidden treasures and events, so here’s a few to get you started!

Manifest Urban Arts Festival


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Experience the finest of student-produced artwork at the Manifest Urban Arts Festival. A showcase of the different kinds of artwork by the students at Chicago’s Columbia College, Manifest Urban Festival is a Chicago art event that provides a variety of art forms for you to enjoy, from digital media to fashion to dance. Feel the vibrancy of Chicago youth over at the Manifest Urban Arts Festival!

Venue: Colombia College Chicago

Duration: 13 May


Chicago Critics Film Festival

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The Chicago Critics Film Festival is a Chicago art event where viewers will be able to watch a wide range of films curated by film critics themselves. With Chicago being a city known for its extensive film history, we can say that this is a great place to head to if you’re looking for an arts and culture fix.

Venue: Music Box Theatre

Duration: 20 May – 26 May


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