8 Art Classes For Kids In Singapore

Looking for arts and crafts classes for kids? We’ve compiled a list of some of the best art studios and schools in Singapore you can bring your child to help them learn some art skills and most importantly, have fun! Who knows, you could be moulding the next Leonardo Da Vinci. 

1. Art Boot Camp

Credits: http://www.artbootcamp.com.sg/

The name “Art Boot Camp” might sound intimidating, but we can assure you that it’s simply a reflection of the high level of emphasis placed on skills and learning towards art for kids. We’ve also heard that the instructors at Art Boot Camp are very encouraging and positive, which is definitely a must-have in art classes for kids. They have a wide range of activities and programmes for your little ones, so be sure to check their schedule for what’s available!

Website: http://www.artbootcamp.com.sg/

2. Abrakadoodle

Credits: https://www.facebook.com/abrakadoodle.sg/

Arts and crafts for kids has never been more magical than at Abrakadoodle. True to its name, Abrakadoodle is an art school which aims to take an “enlightened” perspective towards art. They take a holistic approach towards art education, aiming to not just improve their students’ art knowledge and techniques, but also their imagination and confidence. Abrakadoodle is also one of the few schools which take in young toddlers, so these you can be sure that they take the idea of art for kids very seriously, in a very fun way!

Website: http://www.abrakadoodle.com.sg/

3. Studio Why Not

Credits: http://www.whynot.sg/

If you’ve ever been stuck at home on a Saturday morning with a bored kid, you might understand the struggle of trying to find something new to do to entertain him. Why not drop by Studio Why Not for some arts and crafts for kids! The best thing about Studio Why Not is that they offer drop-in classes, so you and your child don’t need to commit to a set schedule each week. They also offer a variety of classes, so your child can try a whole host of different kinds of art. Studio Why Not also offers classes for adults after 6 pm, so the whole family can get crafting together!

Website: http://www.whynot.sg/

4. Little Artists Art Studio

Credits: https://www.facebook.com/LittleArtistsArtStudioSingapore

If you’re looking for a place which really emphasises student-teacher interaction, you should give Little Artists a try. With a maximum teacher-student teacher ratio of 1:6, this is definitely an art class for kids where the teacher can monitor the growth of each individual child. They have classes that teach drawing for kids, sculpture, painting and many other art styles. We also found out that their teachers have degrees in fine arts too, which leaves us pretty impressed!

Website: http://little-artists.com/

5. My Art Pencil

Credits: https://www.facebook.com/My-Art-Pencil-124390090916240/

My Art Pencil is a place where children will be able to pick up the fundamentals of art in a non-competitive, but stimulating environment. Evidently, much of the focus here is on the drawing and painting aspect of art, but My Art Pencil doesn’t just offer drawing for kids. They also offer other kinds of art classes for kids, such as clay classes and lantern making classes. It seems to us that My Art Pencil has a warm and cosy environment, check out their website!

Website: http://www.myartpencil.com/

6. Artz Graine

Credits: http://www.artzgraine.com.sg/

Artz Graine is a studio which focuses on developing each individual and helping them discover their own form of self-expression in art. There are art classes for kids of different age groups, so you can choose which group is suitable for your child. If you’re looking to give your kid a head-start in the academic race, they even have classes that will help your child build a portfolio for admission via DSA into top schools!

Website: http://www.artzgraine.com.sg/

7. Clay Cove

Credits: http://www.straitstimes.com/

So far most of the places that we’ve talked about have focused on drawing for kids, painting, or more general art classes for kids. There aren’t that many places that focus on pottery. Well, clay cove is a place which focuses on pottery and playing clay! If your child wants to get his hand dirty and creative, this is definitely the place to start moulding your young potter. Clay Cove offers regular classes, as well as holiday classes for children. There are also parent and child bonding classes, proving that while these may be art classes for kids, parents can join in the fun too! Get your kid started on his clay moulding journey now.

Website: http://www.claycove.com/

8. Canvass

Credits: http://www.canvass.com.sg/

If you’re looking to free your child from the stressful school environment and looking for something a bit more enlightening, check out Canvass. A place that combines art classes with yoga, this a place where art for kids takes on a whole new level of freedom. They conduct holiday camps, where they let children explore art and yoga together! They also offer art jamming sessions which children can join, so you can bond with your child over a piece of canvas and a painters palette.

Website: http://www.canvass.com.sg/

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