5 iLight Marina Bay 2016 Exhibits You Definitely Cannot Miss

Heard about the iLight Marina Bay festival? We wanted to find out what are the best exhibits on display at the festival, so you don’t have to! We took a trip down to Marina Bay last week to check it out. Here are our top picks!

Light Origami (Exhibit 15)

Imagine immersing yourself in a world full of diamonds, with light reflecting, refracting and changing colour all around you. That’s exactly what you’ll experience once you step into the Light Origami exhibit. While the exterior of the exhibit looks a bit like a glowing, colour changing durian, the interior is a dazzle of light and glass!

Standing in the centre is an experience in itself, as there is also ambient music that enhances the ethereal experience. If you’re looking for a place to experience an artistic revelation, this is definitely it. I’m sure you’re also eager to find out how the artist pulled the lighting effect off, aren’t you? Well, if you notice, at the base of interior there are a series of multicolour lights.

As you can see, there also lights next to the speakers. All these lights would shine on the glass interior, resulting in the colourful gleam which you’ll experience when you step inside!

Lampshade (Exhibit 11)

More than just a convenient shelter in the middle of a field, the Lampshade exhibition is also a thought provoking art installation which questions the idea of artificial and natural light, and the way energy is used. At first glance, it might seem to be simply a perfect set for an Instagram shot.


But if you look closer, you’ll see that behind each bulb, there is actually a solar panel!

What we learnt, is that the Lampshade exhibit serves as a shelter in the day, blocking sunlight from entering the interior of the exhibit. At night, all the energy that it absorbed during the day will be used to blast the interior with the artificial white light we can see in the picture.

Imagine the amount of the hard work the artist must have put into creating this exhibit! We also thought it was meaningful how the message that was incorporated into this exhibit was very relevant to the idea of energy and lights, especially since its part of the iLight Marina Bay festival.


Now this was one of our favourites. Imagine that you’re walking past a dark exhibit at night, and you can’t really see anything.

Then suddenly BAM! A lightning bolt shoots through the scene!

By just pressing a button at the end of one of the “lightning bolts”, anyone can create their own special lightning bolt pattern. It was a certainly a pleasant surprise when it suddenly lit up as we were walking past, and we spent a long time (perhaps too long) standing at the side admiring the lightning bolt creations. We also stepped up a couple of times to try it out for ourselves! Needless to say, it was incredibly fascinating and satisfying.

What A Loving Beautiful World (Exhibit 25)

While walking past the ArtScience museum, we noticed that there was something rather different about it. It had been turned into a display area for a dynamic projection!

We went down closer to see what was going on, and found out that there was actually a mobile microsite, through which you could choose certain Chinese characters to be projected on the surface of the ArtScience Museum. You can access it by going to http://ilight.team-lab.com/ in the vicinity of the ArtScience Musuem. We decided to try it out ourselves.


From the site, there were 9 characters to choose from.

After choosing one of the characters, we had to swipe up to send it up to the display.

And there it was! When you come down to visit the iLight Marina Bay exhibition, this is definitely a must-see.

The Cloud (Exhibit 20)

Our next “must-see” exhibit is located somewhat off the track. In fact, we didn’t even know where it was until we started wandering around the floating platform area. The map indicated that there were a few more exhibits in the area, but we couldn’t find them, and were so close to giving up.

We then realised that the area below the grandstands was open to public access. There were even some games and rides below! It was so quiet it seemed like it was closed though, but you shouldn’t let that fool you. Waltz right in!

Deeper inside the grandstand area, we found an amazing “floating” exhibit, The Cloud.

While admiring its aesthetic brilliance, we also realised how thin the light panels were!

Small details like this edge of a panel protruding through another added to the sleek feel. While the name of the exhibit may have been “The Cloud”, it certainly felt like a lightning bolt! The soft glow that it bathed its surroundings in also had a calming feel. The end result of all these features is a brilliant display of art and technology.

Now that you’ve found out what we liked about the iLight Marina Bay festival, why don’t you come on down and visit it yourself. What are your favourite exhibits?



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